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Arri Amira

High-end digital acquisition

  • 4:2:2 10 bit, or 4:4:4:4 12 bit color space
  • Up to 200 fps
  • HD, 2K, 3.2K & UHD resolution!
  • CFast 2.0 media
  • ProRes & MPEG2 formats up to 500mbps
  • 30-105mm 2.8f Canon Cine Zoom PL
  • 11-16mm 2.8f Duclos PL
  • 300mm 2.8f Red


This camera yields the best digital acquisition possible, suitable for Hollywood and independent feature films, broadcast television, local to national commercials, documentaries, music videos, high-end corporate theater - any project that demands the best images the production industry can possibly offer.

Sony EX1

Small sensor HD digital acquisition

  • 4:2:0 8 bit internal color space
  • 4:2:2 10 bit color space SDI out to AJA KiPro Mini
  • HD resolutions 1080 up to 30fps, 720p up to 60fps
  • SxS media
  • XDCAM EX up to 35mbps
  • AJA ProRes formats up to 220mbps
  • 14x servo zoom lens
  • Single frame smooth time-lapse


Ideal wide depth of field workhorse.


An optional Letus Extreme adapter allows use of Canon FD SLR 35mm prime lenses to capture shallow focus, film-like images in digital format, is available. Lens set from 24-200mm.


This package is ideal for economy-minded documentaries, event capture, and corporate projects that need flexible image quality options.

Samsung NX1

Large sensor HD or UHD budget digital acquisition.

  • 4:2:0 8 bit internal color space
  • 4:2:2 8 bit color space HDMI output optional
  • HD 1080 up to 120fps. UHD up to 30fps
  • Dual audio to camera and Tascam DR-70D
  • Varying data rates, highly efficient for uploading
  • SD media
  • H.265/H.264 converted formats
  • Samsung lenses 16-50mm 2.8f, 50-150mm 2.8f
  • Canon FD primes 36-300mm
  • 46-157mm 2.8f Canon Cine Zoom PL
  • 16.5-24mm 2.8f Duclos PL
  • 450mm 2.8f Red


A choice of lenses capture crisp, sharp, shallow focus images in the new H.265 digital format.


This capability is suitable for HD and UHD projects, documentaries, promos, and slick looking corporate projects that need film-like picture quality on a budget. I have two NX1 cameras for flexible production needs.

All packages include:

  • Carbon fiber tripod with appropriate fluid head based on camera weight (16" to 7' height range)
  • Audio package (boom mic, lav mics, audio cables) (Tascam DR-70D recorder for DSLR package)
  • Matte box (filter trays, pola filter, eyebrow, side doors, rail system/base plate)
  • Follow focus
  • Batteries & AC power
  • 5" iKan field monitor
  • Laptop (field file management)
  • Additional items per job requirement


Slider package (optional):

  • Rhino slider 4' or 2' rails with Manfrotto 504 head


BFV lighting package options:

  • (3) two bank fluorescents, stands (ideal interview package)
  • (2) 40" soft box fluorescents, junior stands
  • (1) 32" soft box fluorescent, stands
  • China ball with tungsten and daylight bulbs (ideal for two person interviews and extreme soft lighting)
  • (1) 650w Arri, stands
  • (2) C-stands
  • Road Rags, grip gear, 5x7 bounce/green screen, 30" silk, 10' gray modeled backdrop, fogger.
  • Large grip and lighting trucks available per job requirement